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Are you interested in sustainable urban planning? Do you you think it should be done cost-effectively? Possibly in a way that cities would also be smarter than before? Ecocity Evaluator SaaS helps authorities, urban planners and developers to find the most cost-effective way to plan and build sustainable cities.

Become a shareholder now and help us finalize it. We offer you a chance to be part of making cities more sustainable by becoming our shareholder. With crowdfunding we aim also to conquer new markets starting from Scandinavia. Here's everything you need to know about our crowdfunding campaign on

Crowdfunding is one of the most significant changes to take place in the financial industry in recent years, but at its core it is a simple phenomenon: according to the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, crowdfunding refers to organizations collecting financial contributions from large crowds online. Normally these contributions take the form of investments or pre-purchases.

Talks about the revolutionary effect of crowdfunding are not exaggerated; there is a lot of money moving in crowdfunding, and the markets are growing rapidly. According to a study by Massolution in 2015, globally crowdfunding moved more than 16 billion US dollars in 2014. That is 167 % growth from 2013, and the numbers are expected to have doubled for 2015.

Invesdor is the first Europan MiFID-licensed crowdfunding platform. Invesdor, which is headquartered in Finland but operates across the EU, focuses on equity and debt crowdfunding. Tens of thousands of investors from almost fifty countries have invested in total more than ten million euros through Invesdor (12/2015).

We chose Invesdor as our crowdfunding platform because it is the most professional and trustworthy player in the industry. From crowdfunding we hope to gain both funding and visibility as well as other marketing benefits in order to grow our business.

For investors crowfunding is a cost-efficient channel for finding investment opportunities that aren’t listed on public exchanges. In comparison to traditional funding channels it is also highly transparent: the investor sees the filling of the equity or bond offering in real time and has on-demand access to the management level of the target company.

However, unlisted shares and bonds are always high risk investments, which in appropriate amounts are a good addition to a balanced investment portfolio. Remember to only invest what you can afford to lose.

Anyone from private retail investors to professional institutional investors can invest in crowdfunding rounds through Invesdor. This is your chance to start building new success stories with entrepreneurs!

Here’s how you can invest:
1. Register at
2. Take a moment to fill out the investor questionnaire
3. Read through the investment information at
4. Click “Invest now” and follow the instructions
5. Pay your investment with online banking, payment cards, PayPal, or invoice

Got questions about the investment? Shoot us a message through our Invesdor’s Investor forum, and we or Invesdor’s team will get back to you promptly!